Coping Strategy Exercise

On one side of a flipchart, brainstorm stressors that GB men and MSM might experience. Use third person language to discourage oversharing, as this may be triggering for participants. Ensure participants know that they are free to step outside and take a break if they feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable at any point.

On the other side of the flipchart, brainstorm healthy and positive coping strategies that can be used to alleviate stressors.

Explain how dealing with minority stress builds resilience and adaptability – encourage participants to reflect upon personal strengths discussed in earlier modules and how these can be utilised to enact positive change. Example:

  • Visibility i.e. struggling to come out to family or at work: acknowledge support structures, community groups etc.
  • Break up with partner: importance of self-care, spending time with family and friends.
  • HIV diagnosis: peer support groups, counselling.
  • Homophobia: support structures.
  • Mental illness: highlight relevant and accessible mental health supports